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Fanfic: Holy Matrimony

Well, I guess I'm back in fandom again. Hooray!

Title: Holy Matrimony
Pairing: IchiRuki, italics/me
Genre: Crack, like whoa.
Summary: Ichigo and Rukia's wedding, where their friends make sure it'll happen....ish.

Cross-posted to a whole shit ton of places, for what that's worth these days. Meant to upload it here on Saturday, but things got busy at work.

Disclaimer: Bleach is not mine.
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I approve


When an idea that's been stuck in one's head (albeit off-and-on for seven years!) finally gets an outline written for it. Hooray! I almost don't even care that I have duty tomorrow and should've been to bed hours ago, now it's outta my head!

....I think I'll try this outline method for "Sixteen" as well, because that one was also my first baby I was proud of fanfic-wise, and I really hate leaving that one out there unfinished.
I approve


How have I NOT joined this place sooner?'s been my mainstay for posting fanfic since sophomore year of high school (!), but actually allows people to download stories to their phones and stuff. The layout is awesome sauce, allowing for multiple tags, multiple charcater/pairing options. You can even save a draft of a story withotu posting for up to 30 days--which is great, since I had one to post on Valentine's day and will be on duty and away from my house, so I can hit the "submit" button from a computer on the ship.

And also, I can frigging download those wonderful but long stories that I'll not want to sit up on a computer to read, such as The Roots of Heaven and that Winter War AU that's been the only fic still updated on kurosaki_clinic these days.

I assume most of you may have accounts over there, but if not, I can't recommend it enough, and will be more than happy to send invites!
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Remember me? :D

So, it's been a while since I've posted...mostly for being stationed overseas, but largely 'cuz Bleach has been pretty boring the last few years.

I just caught up with the last three months, and oh boy as an Isshin fangirl, I"m sooooooooo happy right now :D

Just had to share that.





On a less sugar-high induced note, how are my people on LJ going? My schedule's always changing with my ship (as is always the case with those stationed in Japan), so I haven't had much time to do the things I need to in port, let alone fandom stuff. But the Bleach manga seems liek it's finally going somewhere these days, although I'm diappointed that Orihime didn't get to help pwn Aizen in the end and shut  the harpies at [info]bleachness  the peanut gallery up.
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I can't believe how many hits this fic gets. I get at least two new people putting this on their favorites' list every week, and I just published this to three months ago. So far, I have thirty people who have faved this.

By contrast, the my next most popular fic got added to a faves' list twice a month, and that was when the fic was still active. In three years, that one's gotten 47 faves. I never, ever thought this would get that noticed, to say it was a one-off idea I had late one night! 

And since I'm on the subject of fic writing, and I 've have this thought for a while: ASDFGHJKL, why is Karin so hard to write for? I have to give props to adam_epp for being able to write seven chapters from her point of view in his fic, because boy is it hard to write something that is a bit too girlish for her nature or something that makes her come off as a Tsundere, which for all her tough attitude she really isn't.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

And then there were six

Me a few months ago:

"As The World Turns is getting saddled with one of the writers being blamed for stories that helped kill Guiding Light...and I suspect I'll be lamenting over that show's demise on Sept 17th, 2010."

O joy, I was right. :|

It's pretty telling when most of the fans online have reactions along the lines of "Well that's sucks, but we saw it coming" instead of being really upset. Even after the cancellation of the last Trek series, you had pages of fans and long-time bashers alike coming out the woodwork with some passion about this.

Admittedly, I can't say I'm that torn up about it's demise either. Aside from only following for four years. I don't have much sympathy for the head writers and producers whose talents would be better served wasting bandwidth at I do wish all the best for the cast, many of who have some great acting chops that didn't get used nearly as well as they could have been.

Le sigh. 54 years is a hell of a run, and there are countless familes that grew up on this show and watched it with their mothers and grandmothers. Not even Star Trek with its legion of obsessive passionate fans have united generations of families like soaps have with women.

*Is off to visit the ATWT comm*